Dibujo tienda
Founded in 1985 by Maria Coarasa , was designed from the outset as antiquarian, being so far, this , his first activity and dedication.
It is a traditional but eclectic antique . Cotanda by Spanish high quality pieces ranging from high season (XVI -XVII centuries) to S. is interested XVI and the time of Charles IV.
The classic French and English furniture of the XVIII -XIX centuries and , with polychrome gustavianas and Italian pieces from the same era combined .
Danish furniture design and the years 40-50 parts decorators and blacksmiths of the 40s French are vital to the antiquarian .
Cotanda quality care especially the bronze or stone, Their lamps and sconces , as well as their porcelain India Company or Sevres .
Cotanda team organizes regular exhibitions of tapestries Siglos XVI , XVII, XVIII, among others.
His professional experience in antique and regular trips to France , England, Sweden and Germany, allowing them access to vintage pieces with relative ease.
Since 1992, participating in art fairs, where they begin to decorate the stands with their own pieces , but always creating a home environment or actual room. Thus began his foray into the world of decoration . That makes regulars showcase the antiquarian, put their trust in Cotanda as decorators.
Since then they have carried out projects for individuals, refurbishing and decorating houses in Paris , London and Madrid , as well as cottages.
The most rewarding experience certainly far has been the embodiment of decorating the residence of the Spanish Embassy in New Delhi , India. The performance was about the Residence comprehensive coordinating the necessary structural reforms and work with interior decorating and supply of carpets, furniture, upholstery and decorative objects.
Cotanda has also contributed their parts in the decoration of the embassies of Spain in Copenhagen , Dallas, and Washington among others ...
The eclecticism of Cotanda takes you to combine objects and furnishings of Louis XVI , Empire, Charles IV , Gustavian current with contemporary painting and fabrics. All this for a stylish and timeless decor that does not go out of fashion .
The functionality of the current housing and it needs have changed over time . So in your projects , Cotanda merges vintage pieces with reproductions of antique and contemporary creations . This has a team of artisans consisting of carpenters, painters and restorers who remain faithful to the old models and techniques and contemporary innovations .

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